By Hamid 07 Aug, 2017

Crooked teeth can be an embarrassment. Many people have been walking around with crooked teeth since they were young because their parents couldn’t afford to pay for braces. Other people didn’t want braces because they couldn’t stand the thought of walking around with a mouth full of metal, which was the only option for straightening teeth years ago. No matter which scenario is yours, there’s no need to feel bad and no need to have crooked teeth as an adult any more. The team of dental professionals  at Elegant Dentistry can fit you with Culver City adult braces and give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

When you have Culver City adult braces, you can walk around the way you always do and nobody will even know you’re straightening your teeth. Invisalign braces are virtually invisible aligners that straighten your teeth in stages. Every few weeks you will come in to our Marina del Rey dental office for a new set of clear aligners that will gradually move your crooked teeth into a straighter position. When you’re all done with your dental braces treatment, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you have the smile you’ve always wanted, and nobody had to look at you with a mouth full of metal.

The next time you come in for a dental checkup at our Marina del Rey Elegant Dentistry office, be sure to talk to the doctors about Culver City adult braces. We’ll be happy to measure your bite and determine whether you are a good candidate for invisible adult braces while you’re in the office. We will be happy to share all the information about the Invisalign clear aligner invisible braces system and find out if they’re right for you. Give Elegant Dentistry a call today at 310-827-2792 and let’s get you on the path to a straighter smile right away.

By Hamid 31 Jul, 2017

Some people have healthy teeth and other don’t. Whatever the reason, people who have bad teeth tend to be the same people who have a fear of the dentist in Marina del Rey. If you’ve had bad teeth since you were young and you never took care of them, chances are that’s part of the reason you don’t enjoy going to the dentist. If you’ve been to the dentist as a young child and had a bad experience with a rough dentist, that could be another reason you’ve stayed away from the dentist for many years. No matter how unfounded your dental fears  might be, there is no reason to wait any more to visit the office of Elegant Dentistry.

When you make an appointment with Dr. Marjaneh Moghimi at Elegant Dentistry, you’ll find that she is not only a gentle dentist, but she is extremely experienced in the latest techniques that help people with a fear of the dentist in Marina del Rey relax in her dental chair. If you haven’t been to the dentist in many years, you’ll probably be surprised at how dental techniques and treatments have changed. Rather than being in pain when treatments are done, Dr. Moghimi uses the latest equipment that is much less painful than you probably remember. And if that still doesn’t ease your mind, ask Dr. Moghimi about relaxation dentistry to help you feel safe in the dental chair.

No matter what dental procedures you might need, Dr. Moghimi and her exceptional dental staff can take care of them for you. Whether you need cavities filled, teeth pulled or dental implants placed in open spots, Dr. Moghimi can take care of all those issues for you. If you suffer from gingivitis or you need your teeth whitened, the staff at Elegant Dentistry in Marina del Rey can take care of all your dental needs. So if you have a fear of the dentist in Marina del Rey, give Elegant Dentistry a call at 310-827-2792 and let us show you how you can feel comfortable as you take better care of your dental health.

By Hamid 24 Jul, 2017

If you’re looking for a local dentist who can tell you whether you’re a candidate for Venice Invisalign dental braces, Elegant Dentistry is the Marina del Rey dental office  to call. The Invisalign experience has dramatically enhanced the smiles of both teens and adults for the past several years, without using traditional metal wires.

Invisalign is an orthodontic application that helps you get a straighter smile, while your teeth are being maneuvered into the proper position with the use of clear plastic aligners. The Invisalign system lives up to the expectations of dental professionals by using a logical progression removable clear dental aligners that gently move your teeth into position. As your teeth straighten, a different aligner is used to help move the position of your teeth until they are in perfect alignment to give you a beautiful smile.

Whether you are just curious about the Invisalign option, or you’re ready to get started with Venice Invisalign dental braces right away, we’re here to answer our questions. Being able to straighten your teeth without the use of sometimes painful wire braces means even adults who need braces will be happy to wear these invisible wonders.

When a treatment plan is agreed upon, patients are instructed to wear the Invisalign clear braces for about 22 hours every day. Aligners should only be removed while eating and drinking. After you eat or drink, be sure to brush and floss, and then put the aligners back in place. The normal Invisalign treatment process generally takes between 12 to 18 months, from start to finish. Of course, the timeframe varies and the schedule may be changed, depending on how your teeth respond to the aligners. One of the nicest things throughout the entire procedure is that you don’t need to worry about metal wires cutting your mouth or gums.

To find out whether Venice Invisalign dental braces are right for you or your children, call 310-827-2792 and speak to one of our knowledgeable dental staff members who can make an appointment to talk with one of our dentists. We look forward to helping you get a straighter smile with the Invisalign clear aligner system.

By Hamid 17 Jul, 2017

Whether you’ve just moved to the area or you’re just looking for a Marina del Rey general dentist for your family, you can be sure to get the very best dental and oral health treatments from all the dental professionals at Elegant Dentistry. As Best of the West Dentists for a second year in a row, you can be sure our patients have voted us the dentists they trust with the dental care for themselves and their families. We’d like to invite you to give us a call and bring in your family for all their dental and oral health needs. Dr. Marjaneh Moghimi and her entire staff are here to make sure you have the very best dental care possible.

No matter what type of dental needs you have, our staff of experienced dentists can take care of them for you. Our diagnostic procedures are done with all the latest equipment. Whether you need a dental checkup or a teeth cleaning in Marina del Rey , our Marina del Rey general dentist can do them for you. Of course, if you need a more advanced dental treatment, like a pulp debridement, gum grafting or bone grafts, we have dental specialists who can do them for you as well.

And like any general dental office, we highly recommend that you bring your entire family in for twice-yearly dental appointments. By having a checkup and dental x-rays done twice a year, that gives our dental staff a way to stay ahead of any dental problems that may be lurking inside your teeth or under the gum line. We’ll do a teeth cleaning at that time to give everyone a fresh start by removing all the bacteria from your teeth. Then we’ll polish your teeth and you’ll be ready to go.

So when it’s time to find a Marina del Rey general dentist, call the office of Elegant Dentistry at 310-827-2792. We’ll be happy to take care of you and your entire family for years to come.

By Hamid 10 Jul, 2017

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over already. Back to school shopping has started, and all the preparations for school have begun. That means it’s time for you to schedule a Venice back to school dental checkup for all of your children. Having a fresh start with the new school year means you’ll get a handle on any dental issues before they turn into big problems. At the same time, your children will be able to go back to school with bright white teeth and a great smile. Making an appointment with the Marina del Rey dentists  at Elegant Dentistry is a smart move for any parent.

Having a Venice back to school dental checkup generally starts by having x-rays taken of your children’s teeth. By taking x-rays at the beginning of the school year, Dr. Marjaneh Moghimi and the dentists at Elegant Dentistry will have a record they can access from year to year to see the progress that has been made in keeping your children’s teeth in good health. At the same time, dental x-rays will show not only the teeth above the gum line, but it will show any decay that may be starting below the gum line, as well.

When children go back to school and parents pack lunches, Dr. Moghimi and her team suggest watching just how many sugary drinks and snacks you include in their lunchboxes. As every parent knows, the more sugar your children get in their diet, the more cavities they’re susceptible to. Packing fresh fruits and veggies will help keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy.

Now is the time to schedule your children’s Venice back to school dental checkup, so give Elegant Dentistry a call at 310-827-2792 and we’ll put you on the schedule. Making sure your children have good oral hygiene every day will help them have good dental checkups.

By Hamid 03 Jul, 2017

Everybody loves a deal. It doesn’t matter if you get $5 off a pizza or a discount on back to school clothes for the kids, deals are always welcomed by just about everyone. And getting a deal on dental procedures is something the Marina del Rey dentists  at Elegant Dentistry would like to offer to everyone in the local area. We’re happy to announce our Marina del Rey dental specials to you. Please feel free to share this information with everyone you know so they can get a deal from us too.

One of our Marina del Rey dental specials is a top quality teeth cleaning and polishing for only $55. If you’re a coffee drinker or you enjoy iced tea during the day and a glass of red wine in the evening, chances your teeth are yellowed and stained. A professional teeth cleaning and polishing can brighten them back up for you.

If a teeth cleaning is not enough to get your teeth pearly white, check out the deal on our teeth whitening treatment. It’s only $89 to brighten your smile and get rid of those stubborn stains. With a price that low you can afford to bring in everyone in the family.

And now for the biggest deal of all. If someone in your family has been waiting to get braces, now is the time to take advantage of this incredible deal. You’ll get $1,000 off the price of Invisalign clear aligner braces, so now is definitely the time to take advantage of this great deal. Invisalign braces are a great way to straighten your teeth, without the annoying metal wires that can cause irritation and pain. Invisible braces are great for teens who don’t want others to know they need to straighten their teeth. And they’re also very popular with adults who couldn’t afford braces when they were younger.

Give Elegant Dentistry a call today at 310-827-2792 and take advantage of our Marina del Rey dental specials. We love helping you save money while you get the dental treatments you need.

By Hamid 26 Jun, 2017

Have you been a coffee drinking all your life? Do you enjoy a cup of tea every night before you go to bed? Do you have blueberries or raspberries in your cereal in the morning and drink tomato juice with your dinner? Whether you do all these things or your just do a few, the ingredients in the foods and drinks just mentioned have probably done a lot to change the color of your teeth. You see, most people don’t realize that their morning cup of coffee is turning their white teeth brown, or that the blueberries they have in their cereal are changing the color of their teeth. But the truth is, you’re probably overdue for a Mar Vista teeth whitening treatment right now. So it’s time to make an appointment a the Marina del Rey dental office  of Dr. Marjaneh Moghimi at Elegant Dentistry.

You see, the older you get, the more yellowed you’ll notice your teeth look. After years of drinking coffee or tea, the tannins seep into the inner layer of your teeth and turn it dark. So a Mar Vista teeth whitening is needed to clean those teeth up and give you a brighter smile. If you happen to be a red wine drinker, you’ll probably notice that your teeth are not as white as they used to be either. Your teeth may be a different shade than your friends who drink coffee, but the same darkening of the dentin happens to wine drinkers, so they need teeth whitening treatments too.

Now if you have teens who have been drinking colored drinks since they were young, like Kool Aid or dark cola drinks, or if they’re big fans of colored fruit juices like grape juice or red raspberry juice, their teeth are probably stained and discolored too. So why not make an appointment for everyone in the family to come in for a Mar Vista teeth whitening treatment at Elegant Dentistry? You can reach Dr. Moghimi and her staff at 310-827-2792 during regular business hours.

By Hamid 19 Jun, 2017

One of the most important things you can do for your oral health is to make regular appointments for Mar Vista semi-annual dental checkups at Elegant Dentistry. Dr. Marjaneh Moghimi and her staff are Marina del Rey dental professionals who truly care about your dental health and the dental health of your entire family. Whether you have a house full of children, you’re an adult couple looking for a new dental office, or you’re a senior citizen who has not seen the dentist in quite some time, Dr. Moghimi’s team at our Marina del Rey dental office will be happy to get you in the best possible dental health.

Mar Vista semi-annual dental checkups will help our dental team keep an eye on all issues both above and below the gum line. We’ll take dental x-rays every six months so that we can watch the inside, as well as the outside, of your teeth. This process will help us make sure no small dental problems get to the point where they are big dental problems. The more often we check for problems, the sooner we can help take care of them.

Now if you haven’t been to see the dentist in quite some time, you’re probably not aware of all the advancements there have been in dental care. You’ll probably be surprised at how much less pain you will be in when we use the latest treatments and techniques during your dental visits. Whether you need a scaling and root planing treatment, a bone graft, pulp debridement or a tooth extraction, we will make your visit as pain free as possible.

So rather than waiting until you have a toothache so bad that you can’t stand the pain before you come in, make Mar Vista semi-annual dental checkups at our Marina del Rey dental office. You can reach Dr. Moghini at Elegant Dentistry by calling 310-827-2792 for an appointment.

By Hamid 12 Jun, 2017

If you have a tooth that needs to come out, it can be extracted at our dental office. A Mar Vista tooth extraction does not need to be painful, especially when it’s done by Dr. Marjaneh Moghimi. Years ago, pulling a tooth was a painful procedure that people would dread. So instead of going to the dentist at the first sign of pain, people would wait until they couldn’t stand it and then would go when there was nothing else that could be done other than taking the tooth out.

Deciding whether you need a Mar Vista tooth extraction or not is something that Dr. Moghimi can help figure out for you. If there is a way to save your tooth, she’ll definitely take that route. And taking care of your teeth every day at home is a great way for you to prevent tooth decay and the need for a tooth extraction.

Saving teeth is what dentists are trained to do. If a root canal treatment can be done, a Marina Del Rey dental crown  is needed, or a dental implant will save your tooth, that’s what Dr. Moghimi and her team will do. But if there’s really no way your tooth can be saved, you can be sure that the tooth extraction done at Dr. Moghimi’s Elegant Dentistry office will be as pain free as possible.

Some people will have pain when their wisdom teeth come in, and some people will feel no pain at all. If you have wisdom teeth that can’t come in because other teeth are in the way, you may need a tooth extraction at Elegant Dentistry to allow your wisdom teeth to come in properly. Dr. Moghimi’s staff can do x-rays and find out if she needs to make room for your wisdom teeth or if you don’t need them and your wisdom teeth are the ones that should come out.

By Hamid 05 Jun, 2017

Having a baby is a real joy. Watching him develop and grow is so exciting. Regular doctor visits are something every parent knows is important as your child develops. But what many parents don’t realize is the importance of your child’s dental health. And that starts the day he is born. Our Culver City pediatric dentist, Dr. Marjaneh Moghimi, can tell you all about what needs to be done for your baby’s dental health when you visit our Marina del Rey dental office. There are things you can do to prevent Marina del Rey tooth decay  in children, and we can tell you how.

As soon as you bring your baby home from the hospital, it’s important to start taking care of his gums. Wiping them gently with a wet cloth and massaging them lightly will not only be relaxing for your baby, but it will help remove any bacteria that may already be growing. Whether you’re breastfeeding your baby or giving him formula, there is sugar that is depositing on his gums and in his mouth. If that sugar is not being removed, it can be the start of early dental problems.

When you visit our Culver City pediatric dentist, you’ll be able to ask all kinds of questions about the dental health of your baby. Taking care of your baby’s teeth and gums before the first tooth erupts will help give your baby’s oral health a great start. And making sure your baby’s first visit to the dentist is a pleasant one is something Dr. Moghimi will certainly do. She loves children and she’s especially gentle on baby’s first dental visit.

So don’t wait until your baby has a mouth full of teeth before you make his first dental appointment. Call Dr. Moghimi at Elegant Dentistry at 310-827-2792 and make an appointment today. It’s never too early to start good dental care for your children, even before they have a single tooth.

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