Veneers are made of a thin cosmetic layer of porcelain or composite material. They require very little enamel removal from the surface of each tooth. Veneers are customized and cemented to the front side of each tooth. The permanent application is designed to enhance the natural look of each tooth. They can be used to alleviate dental conditions such as slightly crooked teeth, discolored teeth, chipped teeth or even to cover spaces in between teeth.

At least two appointments are required to complete the veneer installation procedure. The first visit is used to prepare the teeth to be treated and to make an impression of the prepared teeth. Temporary veneers are installed during the first visit, so you can start smiling wider right away. The patient also chooses a tooth shade that will match with the color of your own teeth when permanent veneers are installed. Our Marina Del Rey dentistry expert will recommend a shade that she believes will appear as natural as possible, and give you the look of attractive, flawless teeth. There are times when we send patients directly to the dental laboratory where they can customize the tooth shade to match your other teeth.

Once and impression is sent to the dental lab, your final veneers are milled and they’ll return to our cosmetic dentist in Marina Del Rey after 7 to 10 business days. The new veneers will be temporarily placed on your teeth without cement so we can inspect them for obvious flaws. Final approval must be received from the patient in order to permanently cement the veneers with a dental resin. There are cases where patients opt for a laboratory wax-up to preview final results before making decisions. The wax model provides an exact model of your teeth once veneers are installed.

The lab uses your dental impression to simulate the final results. This allows the patient to make any necessary changes before producing final veneers. Often times these changes include lengthening teeth, rounding edges, etc. Our only aim is to ensure your teeth look the way YOU want them to look. After all, you’re the one who sees your smile in the mirror each day. After veneers are installed, Dr. Moghimi may suggest that a night guard or mouth splint would be used during sleep. Wearing a night guard or mouth splint protects the lower teeth from the negative effects that take place when porcelain grinds against tooth enamel.
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